6 Tips for Organizing Your Accessories without Breaking the Bank

Posted by Aimee Reynolds on

Spring is near and it's time to reorganize, declutter and refresh our homes. However none of us want to break the bank while we are getting organized. I mean, how will we be able to afford all the new accessories that are coming out for Spring and Summer. 

I know I can't be the only one who can't stop buying accessories, right? They are so shiny and make the best statements, adding just the right touch to the simplest outfit.

Well if you are like me and have way more accessories than you are ready to part ways with. Then check out these 6 inexpensive ways to help you organize things a bit so we can don't have to decide what to stays and what goes. 


Old picture frames - Staple chicken wire inside an empty frame, for an pretty place to organize and display jewelry. Or use thin metal wire or string to organize and display sunglasses and frames.



 Wine Rack - Repurpose an old wine rack to hold clutches and wallets.



Paper towel Holder - Use to store bracelets. Keep most-worn items near the top so they’re easy to access each morning.




Use a Coat rack to hang necklaces, bracelets, or scarfs.


Hangers - Organize tights and hosiery by tying them on clothes hangers.


Shower Curtain Hooks and Towel Rods - are great for hanging heavy, bulky items like purses, tote bags, belts and baseball caps.






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